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Wedding music with a twist

Wedding music with a twist

In a recent wedding shot by Nimitham Wedding Photography in Thanjavore, the temple town of South India, we came across some mesmerising wedding music, so much so that we almost forgot to shoot the couple! It was not just a treat for the auditory senses but a visual extravaganza. A troop of 12-15 bare chested and lungi clad boys/ men gave the Chenda, a two meter long percussion instrument traditionally from Kerela, a hearty and vigorous beating, enough to produce some of the most upbeat and magnificent rhythms. The whole act was a well choreographed performance where along with the notes the musicians matched their steps to the beats of Chenda. It was only natural for us, then, to incorporate the traditional art form in our latest wedding video of Sumana and Ilango.

Chenda is a percussion instrument traditionally played in temples in Kerela, its inclusion in wedding ceremonies is a recent development in Tamilian weddings. So for all South Indian couples out there who want to break away from the old and expected, throw a little surprise for your guests and book a Chenda Melam band today. In fact go a step further and engage an all women Chenda Melam band from Kerela. Not only are they hugely popular but extremely proficient.

At Nimitham we are driven by art and love discovering the numerous old and new facets of a wedding, be it music, aesthetics or tradition. So stay with us as we travel across the length and breadth of India capturing weddings that are unique in their own regard and a subtle reminder of the plethora of art and culture that surrounds us.

Details of the Chenda band that played in this wedding are given below. Apart from South India, these guys travel all acrossIndia to perform.

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